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After years of trying different dog treats for Georgia and Jackie and continually being disappointed, we decided to try to make them ourselves.

Since we have all the raw ingredients right from the source, we have started with single ingredient dog treats.  Our new products are some of our dog’s favorite treats. 

This is just the start of something very exciting.  Be sure to follow us on social media for the launch of our new raw beef dog food and raw bison dog food.

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Save time & money on your favourite meats by ordering in bulk today!

Beretta Striploin Box

8x Striploin Steaks

Save $0.00


Beretta Ribeye Box

8x Ribeye Steak

Save $0.00

Beretta Essentials Bundle

1 Antibiotic & Hormone Free Whole Chicken

2 Antibiotic & Hormone Free Striploin Steaks 8oz

2lbs of Antibiotic & Hormone Free Lean Ground Beef

2 packs of Antibiotic & Hormone Free Thick Cut Bacon

Save $0.00

If this doesn't deserve your freezer space, we don’t know what will.

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