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The founding and mission of Beretta Farms explained through the lens of founders Mike & Cynthia Beretta.  

In 1995, the Beretta's lost their barn and all of their livestock in a tragic barn fire. Luckily, for Mike's 27th birthday the surrounding mennonite community came together and rebuilt the barn in just one day.

The story of Mike & Cynthia's decision to relocate the farm back to where it all began. 

A short documentary featuring Mike & Lieschen Beretta and other ranchers explaining the benefits of regenerative grass farming for both the environment and the cattle themselves.

Young Lieschen Beretta takes us through her daily chores in the summer months at Beretta Ranch including feeding barn cats, pigs, chicken, counting cattle and much more.

Beretta Farms own Lieschen Beretta shows us a typical day on the ranch during the fall months including a cattle move, gardening, and her love for horseback riding in this episode of TVO Kids Greenbelt Adventures.

Ranchers Lieschen and Ross talk about the benefits of feeding cattle a grass-fed diet in A&W's newest commercial. 

Ross talks to Cynthia about our cattle that are raised without hormones and steroids that are used at A&W.

Lieschen explains how grass farming is regenerative and benefits both the cattle and surrounding ecosystem. 

Harvey's commercial featuring the Beretta Family, showcasing the first ever 100% Canadian Angus Burger with no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.