Supporting Heifer International

A letter from our CEO, Mike Beretta

We are very pleased and proud to support a wonderful and unique organization: Heifer International. Heifer's mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. Heifer distributes livestock along with environmentally sound agriculture training to struggling families around the world as a means of providing self-sufficiency. Recipients must agree to share the first female offspring of any livestock they receive to another family in need. They call it Passing on the Gift. Heifer was founded by an Indiana farmer named Dan West, who, while doing relief work with refugees of the Spanish Civil War realized the people needed "not a cup, but a cow.


Back in 1995, Cynthia and I lost our barn and livestock to a fire. We had a life-changing experience witnessing our local community rally around us to help continue our dream of farming. The neighbouring Mennonite community assisted in rebuilding our barn and setting us up with Ben and Mabel, two Percheron horses that provided the 'horsepower' for our new vision of farming. Unwilling to take payment for their efforts, the elders told Cynthia and I that we "owe them nothing, it was the next person who asked for our help that we owed." This pay-it-forward concept has been with us ever since and it is the hallmark of Heifer International's model. We are honoured to be associated with this wonderful organization. Donate today at checkout, with your online order! 




Mike Beretta


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