The Beretta Kitchen’s Tips for a great Family Reunion

So you have been tasked on planning this year’s big Family Reunion? Don’t sweat it, the Beretta Kitchen has some great tips and how to throw a great party for all ages.

Getting Started:

  • Try to invite everyone. That random second cousin that you never hear from might just show up this time. This avoids hurt feelings, and everyone loves at least the invite.
  • Try to set a date as early as possible. This gives families enough time to book time away for travel if necessary.
  • Plan the get together for either the day or the weekend. The day if your family lives close by or plan for the weekend if family has to come from out of town.
  • If someone is willing to host the family then that is the ultimate party. If you have a bigger family, a park or venue is ideal.
  • Remember if it is for the whole weekend that everyone requires some private time and plan that in your schedule.
  • Food is the best talking point. Don’t take on the extra stress and get it catered! Beretta Kitchen can definitely help with this.
  • If you plan to have it outside, remember to have a backup plan somewhere under a pavilion just in case it rains.
  • Always think about the kids, creative stations (paints, coloring, craft projects) are the best way to keep smaller kids entertained.