Spring – Starting New

Springtime is my favourite season. Most likely because I was born in the spring and as it happens I was also born on the very first Earth Day.  Basically, I’m an Earth child.   The moment I start to see the first buds poking through the snow, I start to get excited.  Excited for all the things that are possible with new beginning.  Like the short life of our perennial plants, they have a beginning, a full bloom and then a thunderous, glorious ending. 

Starting something from scratch and bringing it to completion is one of the most satisfying feelings you can experience.  It can be a simple task like laundry that has a start, middle and an end.  One of my favourite chores to do is laundry, when it is all folded and put away, I have such a simple feeling of accomplishment.  It may be silly but at least it is one thing that I can check off my list, from a list that just seems to change or get longer every day. 

I was asked recently, what would be the top things someone would need to know if they wanted to start farming today?  Again with beginnings…..

Strength, resilience and tenacity are a few words that come to mind.  When Mike and I started farming almost 30 years ago, we had no hands on farming experience.  We had read lots of books and had helped on a few farms, but we were truly very green grasshoppers!  At 21 years old we didn’t know the meaning of, “you can’t do that”.  Partially because we were both brought up believing that if you set your mind to something, you can accomplish anything. Then factor in that we are both born under the sign of Taurus, so we are both very stubborn!  Makes for great entertainment when we argue!  So with a lot of hard work and determination we set up to farm.  Did I know at the time I would need strength to get us thru some incredibly hard times, resilience to bounce back from these times and tenacity to figure out a better way for us to move forward when the first time it didn’t work so well, absolutely not.  Everyone’s beginning can be a wee bit stormy, but the feeling and smell after a good storm is always the best time to go out and start again.  Farming will throw you all kinds of curve balls, how can it not when you are working so closely to nature, something we don’t have absolute control of.  If you approach every day with the “Anything is Possible” attitude, then no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, you will get your thunderous, glorious ending one day!