Our Start 25 Years Ago

Beretta Farms began 25 years ago with two pigs that Mike bought and started raising on my family acreage. Mike and I weren’t even engaged yet and we took on this huge task of raising two Berkshire pigs with zero experience.

I not only was nervous about raising these pigs but realizing Mike came home with not one BUT two! Overseeing and growing Charlotte and Wilbur was a daunting responsibility of making sure they had proper bedding, pen positioning and understanding what they eat.

As I grew more accustomed to taking on the responsibility, I can tell you this much that I have never had such a beautiful garden full of vegetables and lush flower beds from the manure that acted as the best fertilizer. This is where the itch for the farming life started.

The selling of the pork from those first two animals exclusively to friends and family is what got Mike and I hooked for life. The overseeing and growing of the animals and then harvesting them and selling the meat was special and life changing for us.

Mike went on to study Agriculture at the University of Guelph and did his thesis on outdoor pig production. As you all know, the business grew into something I had never imagined when we brought those first two pigs home.