Halloween- Beretta Style

Halloween has always been one of my favourite festive days.  This fondness for Halloween came from my Mom, who still goes all out with costumes to this day!  She dressed me up when I was 4 as the Wicked Witch of the West and did my makeup so well that when she had me look in the mirror when it was all done, I burst into tears from fear!  Who was that scary person looking back at me in the mirror???  Needless to say, a bit of removal happened afterwards but not before she consoled me and I’m sure laughed too!!  And so it went that my love for Halloween started!

So when I was old enough to choose my own characters, I would spend weeks with my friends planning costumes.  Sometimes we would match (foam dill pickles, seriously! spray painted them green and all), sometimes they would be themed (Cheese-Swiss and Cracker-Ritz, made with a very large TV box!), and we always made them ourselves (with our parents advise and help of course).  As a child, my family lived in the country, so we always had to drive into town to Trick or Treat with friends and family.  So when Mike and I got married and had children that were of age to start to go out on Halloween night, driving into town was a common practice for me.


I can still remember Thomas’ first Halloween night out.  Me a few months pregnant with the twins and Mike all excited to drive our small family to a few friends homes that were local.  He was a lion, I made a mane out of card board and painted his face (while he watched!) and he wore one of my brown turtle necks.  So simple, but he was so excited, although at a year and a half old I am sure he had no idea what I was starting.

As our family grew to include Lieschen and Marcus, slowly they all became enamored with the holiday.  I would always make a simple hardy dinner Halloween night.  I always figured that if they at least had a healthy dinner it would somehow override the effects of all the sugar they were going to eat! My go to was always homemade Burgers and hand cut baked French Fries.  I will attach my recipe to the post, my burger recipe is so yummy, cause you know “Italians do it Burger!”

We would and still do carve pumpkins, even at the ripe old age of 20!  The costume selections have changed over the years and so have the ride requests.  Now its elaborate themed costumes that are made or bought and typically a ride to a party or bar with optional Mom late night pick up service!

And even though we don’t get any Trick or Treaters at the door, Momma still buys chocolate bars for the big kids that stop by for dinner, a beer and maybe watch a hockey game!

So to all the beginner, intermediate and advanced Halloween goers, have a safe and happy Halloween!