February – The Month of Love!

I start my day next to my best friend, who also happens to be my husband, Michael in our house with the 3 best kids in the world sleeping soundly somewhere.  I rise most morning early and either swim or go to boot camp, both things, if I am honest, I love and would miss terribly if I suddenly was unable to do any longer.  I get to have a great breakfast with fresh eggs and milk both from our farm and homemade bread that I made, again pretty darn lucky.  And then, as if this wasn’t enough of a reminder of how lucky I am in life my morning route to the farm office passes a school with a cross guard who’s license reads “luckynlove”, I cannot make this S**T up!  Completely true. 

Sometimes we find love in places we never thought to look or in places we see every day and yet fail to see the love that is there, right in front of us.  Giving your love in everything we do makes all the difference in our day to day goings on.  It can be as simple as telling someone that they have a beautiful smile or cleaning the snow off their vehicle before they get there.  Just small gestures of kindness that show each other that we love them.  Maybe not in the way you love when you fall deeply in love with someone but just that you care. 

I love to share with our employees the gift of community.  We have a communal kitchen at the Beretta farm office.  We encourage everyone to take lunch at the same time of the day.  This way we get to share stories, see what each other are eating and sometime, we even make lunch for everyone!  I am sure those are the days that the staff would tell you are the best.  Feeding your employees healthy meals not only fuels them for their day but it also is a chance to build community amongst each other.  Food for me is my way of showing you that I love and care for you.  So if you ever come over and I don’t feed you…..careful;)  Just kidding, it has never happened and never will, no one leaves my house or office hungry! 

Remember love and kindness are free, spread that stuff everywhere!

Buon Appetito,


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