Empty Nest- my last chick is leaving the coop

My eldest son Thomas has received a hockey scholarship to a University in the United States, which isn’t just a different city, but altogether a different country. He has worked so hard towards the athlete’s dream of going to school on scholarship, and we could not be more proud of him. But now, my last chick is leaving the coop and for the first time, I am left with an empty nest.

I love being a mother and always will, but when it comes to letting go, I had to put my own needs of mothering aside.  For a flash moment, I remembered the days when Thomas ran with his jean overalls and rubber boots towards the barns, gleaming with happiness. Now that manly smile gleams as he takes his luggage to say goodbye. I had to trust that our close family bonding while working on the farm instilled tenacity and courage into our son to take on any obstacles that stand in his way.

Since a young age all my children would help Mike and I with barnyard chores. That was the way of life.   Working on the farm during our children’s’ informative school years was a part of their identity.  I like to say, it was my hands-on schooling for them. Now, they will learn to teach themselves, to grow and to build their own lives outside of ours.

As a parent, you can only hope that you instill the best morals, as well as the best skills so that your children can grow up to be the best versions of themselves. Although I am sad to see each of my children head back to school, I know it is for the best thing for them and I am excited to watch this next stage of their life.