Our Easter Traditions: Beretta Style

Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays ever since I was a child.  Most likely because it contains two lovely things: chocolate and spring time!  Chocolate is my go to when I just need a quick sweet fix.  Spring is my favourite season, it brings warmth and birth.  Every year I plant the Easter lily from the previous year and watch it as it pokes its way into the world again after hiding all winter long.  It always reminds me of loved ones I have lost and of the magic and healing that new life brings us.

Easter, the time of re-birth, new life, fertility and colour.  This must be why I love it so.  Since childhood I can remember this time of the year being so important in our family.  My mother would prepare and cook for days prior to the main event.  She would clean the house, sweep the front porch, start to rake the grass, all in preparation for the wonderful feast and gathering that would happen at our home.  I remember wondering what the big deal was, why we had to help so much and do so much work to get ready?  And then I would wake up Easter morning to the smell of fresh braided Egg bread baking and eggs hidden all over the house and realize, yes, this is why!

Easter is another time to feast for us Italians.  Even as a Canadian-Italian, if you walked into my house on Easter at lunch time, you would think you were in a small village in Italy.  It is always a huge celebration with family, friends and food everywhere. Lots of loud chatting and someone is usually yelling directions in the kitchen to me, usually still my mom!  Even after all these years, she is still Queen in the Kitchen no matter who’s house she is in!

One of our favourite traditions that we still continue to this day even though our children have grown is the annual Egg hunt.  Every year the “Easter Bunny” still hides eggs all over the house and buys the kids small trinkets to remind them of being a small kid.  I truly don’t think I could ever stop this tradition, it might break my heart!

Food is central around the day, from breakfast to dinner, there is food all around.  We start with freshly baked egg bread, gorgeous fresh scrambled eggs and some delicious bacon.   Move to munching on the charcuterie board and fresh bruschetta on olive oil toasts.  Then for the dinner feast, Beretta Rib Eye Roast, Beretta Bone-In Smoked Ham’s, Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes, huge green salad and Sauteed Green Beans.  To finish with espresso and Nonna’s sponge cake (with the hidden money!) for dessert.

And you wonder why I love it so????

Buona Pasqua