Christmas with the Beretta’s

This is hands down my favourite time of the year at home and on the farm.  All I want to do is to cook, bake, build a fire, stay warm and snuggle with Mike and the kids!  Well, that is what I imagine happening.  The kids have grown up so coaxing them to stop and snuggle with Mom sometimes takes some serious persuasion!  But I can usually manage a few minutes if I include a back rub in there;).  The cooking is always on going, with many family and friends coming and going during these busy days.  Baking happens and disappears almost as quickly as it comes out of the oven.  Fires are built by the boys and we get warm after chores or skating on the pond.  And truth be told, the best time of the day is snuggling with Mike after a hectic day in the life of us.

But Christmas seems to add just that much more nostalgia to my day as we approach the “Day”.  I remember being a child and the anticipation of Santa’s arrival.  Then when Thomas, Marcus and Lieschen arrived, remembering their faces light up at the mention of Santa and his reindeer still makes my heart ache.  These are times that I will cherish forever and that I remember more as the kids grow older and come home from school over Christmas break.  I must confess to still not being able to sleep with anticipation of Christmas morning, I’m still a giant child inside!  It’s no wonder that I try to cram as much into this week as possible before they all take off again.  Everyone being home and together is the only gift I really need.

I still have the last minute shopping to do as per usual, and the tree only just went up this past weekend.  The new kittens have somehow broken one single light bulb out of the million bulbs on the tree so half of the lights have stopped working.  Then there’s the ladder in the middle of the living room because Lieschen and I chose the tallest tree in the forest.  The wrapping will still happen on Christmas Eve no matter what the age of children, I never seem that organized to get it all done before hand.  Maybe when I grow up someday;)

Our meals together over these next few days will be my second favourite gift.  Hearing everyone’s stories, the laughter and the general fulfillment that I feel seeing everyone being together is my true bliss.  There is nothing more important than family and staying close, no matter the distance that sometimes separates us.

I wish you and your family a “Blissful, Merry Christmas” and Happy Holidays.  I hope your days are filled with hope, wonder and joy today and all the days of 2018.  Remember to stop and watch the snow fall and never grow too old to appreciate the wonder of it all.

Buon Natale e Baci,

Tanto Amore,