10 Facts About Ellie Beretta

  1. When Ellie first got to the Beretta Farms, she would only sleep if she had someone holding her.
  2. She started off living in the Beretta laundry room until she started going to the bathroom in our shoes!
  3. Besides Lieschen, Ellie became good friends with Jackie and one of the barn cats, Dolly. All barn cats took a while to adjust to her loud noises and her colour.
  4. Ellie’s favourite thing is belly rubs. She will completely drop and roll over for rubs… exactly like a dog.
  5. Once Lieschen starting feeding Ellie the cow’s milk as a treat, Ellie began following Bessie the cow around waiting for milk! Besides the milk obsessions, Ellie and Bessie became best friends and are seen regularly eating grass side by side or Bessie grooming Ellie.
  6. When Ellie is waiting for her feed and Lieschen is taking too long, she whines and whines and gently head butts Lieschen’s legs to get her to hurry up.
  7. Out of all the land Ellie has access too (the entire Beretta farm) she still digs up Cynthia’s flower beds and sleeps in them.
  8. Lieschen adopted Ellie weighing about 10 pounds and she is nearly 90 pounds now.
  9. Pigs do not go to the bathroom close to where they sleep or eat. During the winter months only Ellie only goes to the bathroom in the horse stalls. It’s as if she know’s the Beretta’s clean the stalls everyday.
  10. Ellie has become friends with every animal on the farm. They all acknowledge her as one of their own… except the family mule Penny! She chases Ellie away!
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