A Home for Miss Ellie

For those of you that do not know who Ellie is, she is our pet pot belly pig.  You can follow her on her Instagram account @Ellieberetta.  I know that this sounds like a funny title but truly, where do we put her for the winter??  

Some background on the lovely Miss Ellie.  Lieschen has been asking Michael and I to get her a pot belly pig since forever.  When Lieschen finished college and came home this past spring, she was like, “I’m home and I can take care of a pig!”.  This past April we went to our local “Fur and Feather Show” and we found the lovely and cute as can be, Ellie.  Miss Ellie was all of 5 lbs when she came home with us that spring day and she has since reached at least 70 lbs!  Since the first days on the farm, she has absolutely loved to roam freely all around our green acres.  Her most favourite thing to do all summer was to dig up my flower beds and lay in the shade of my newly aerated peonies!  She was constantly digging something up and Lieschen would have to go out and try to clean up her mess, part of the parenting process!  For the first month she lived in our garage at night, where Lieschen trained her to use the cats litter box.  She is extremely smart, knows her name and will follow us all around the farm as we do the chores.  Not sure how many of you have seen the movie “Babe”, but this pig is just like Babe.  She has made friends with all of the other animals on the farm and can often be seen making her way from one pasture to the next saying “Hello!” to everyone.  I think her best friend though is Bessie, our milking cow.  Ellie just loves to hang out with her, I think because Bessie always lends a helping grooming to her.  Bessie will literally lick Ellie from head to bottom with her rough cows tongue and Ellie simply loves it. 

As the weather has gotten slowly cooler this last month, we have watched Ellie start to make beds out of loose straw in the barn.  We can often find her buried in one of the horse mangers, completely covered in straw and hay.  And when you come in to do chores, you will often hear her give a snort and she emerges from her slumber. Ellie’s favourite thing is Bessie’s warm MILK!   Ellie whines like crazy the moment Bessie makes her way into her stall for the morning or evening milking.  She pushes her snout on the pen door and shrieks and whines with anger that we make her wait! Trust me, her whining is not because she lacks food, she gets fed her regular grain and even some sweet feed along with all my compost from the house!  This is no hungry little piggy we are talking about here!

After much back and forth this week, trying her in many different places, Lieschen and I have come to the decision to let Ellie sleep in Bessie’s pen for the evenings. This decision was based mostly on the fact that Ellie loves her so but also because this is the only grain/hay manger that she cannot somehow get into…..for now that is!!

Happy Winter My Friends